Federal News Network featured Moshe Schwartz, president of Etherton and Associates, with a 2021 NDAA update

Moshe Schwartz,Defense Acquisition Journal, book review –Victory on the Potomac by James R. Locher III

– Moshe Schwartz, Defense Acquisition Journal, Social and Economic Public Policy Goals and their Impact on Defense Acquisition  

The Government Contractor, Moshe Schwartz, co-author, The Government Contractor

– The Significance of the FY21 National Defense Authorization Act to Federal Procurement Law

Acquisition and Legislative Prospects for 2017
A summary and analysis of the FY17 Defense Authorization act, prepared for the NDIA. In it, Jon reviews the most important sections of the act and identifies legislative opportunities. (Feb. 2017).

Reprint of Significance of FY 2021 NDAA to Procurement Law (Jan. 2021)

– Pentagon’s Acquisition Process
Government Matters hosted by Francis Rose, aired December 29, 2016.
Jonathan Etherton discussed the impact of the NDAA on the Pentagon’s acquisition process.

015).– Reform of the Defense Acquisition System

Jon Etherton’s testimony to the Committee on Armed Services, United States Senate (April 2014).