Etherton and Associates, Inc. is an established business providing consulting and lobbying services to the Congress and the Executive Branch of the United States on behalf of companies directly affected by Congressional and Executive Branch actions.


Etherton and Associates, Inc. is committing to providing professional, in-depth services with action focused on concrete outcomes. Etherton and Associates, Inc. is equally committed to honoring the highest ethical standards in carrying out our work. We are members of the Association of Government Relations Professionals and have adopted the Code of Ethics as our guiding principles.


Etherton and Associates, Inc. provides our clients with current and projected detailed information on developments in Congress and the Executive Branch concerning policies, plans, and funding decisions in national security, homeland security and related activities.

We assist our clients in understanding dynamic changes in Washington for strategic planning purposes and assist them in advocacy efforts to the Congress.

With the start of a new Congress and multiple policy changes, the environment in Washington is more dynamic than ever. Along with the new Congress, we are seeing new practices for new acquisition regulations, along with a move for more efficient defense procurement policies. Etherton and Associates, Inc. can help you understand these changes as they are debated and ensure that decision-makers understand how emerging policies will affect your ability to support the mission of our Federal agencies.